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~ New Additions to our Ranch ~
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A few of our feline friends...

The four Amigos


two semi-wild babies we are taming

Turkey Lurkey


Check out our 2010 babies page to meet the broodmares, the sire and this year's babies.

A few pictures of our 2009 babies.

ApHC, Waps Black Jewel - Samson
Born in January 2009 he has progressed very nicely in both conformation and training. He is a real joy to work with.
Over 13 hands tall with very nice bone at only 9 months old. We are very optomistic about his future as an excellent
sport horse prospect. These pictures were taken in July 2009 when he was just 6 months old.

Waps Black Jewel Waps Black Jewel

ApHC, Moneys Dun Cowgirl - Joy

Born December 2008 and rejected by her Dam, she is our little orphan. Keeping her healthy has
been a busy job but she is finally progressing very well. We think it will take her some time to catch up in the growth
department but eventually she will be right on track. She is a real sweetheart but does love a good kick now and then.
These pictures were taken in September 2009.

Moneys Dun Cowgirl Moneys Dun Cowgirl

Yellow Jacket!

We became inlaws with some outlaws from Louisanna who had to have a team of our haflingers. So we traded them
for this beautiful 4 wheeler! Fastest mud slinger on our place. Only joking about the outlaws part by the way.
Cindy is an awesome lady. Thanks for taking good care of our girls!
We love the Yellow Jacket!

Yellow Jacket

We have a few more critters who have found their way to our door.
I will be updating with their pics in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!